I’m Moving

For the foreseeable future, my blog posts will not be here on WordPress.  Instead, they will be here…


I posted some new content today.  If you want to read that, along with what I hope to add in 2019 and beyond, go the the address provided above.  Hopefully, I won’t lose any of my dear friends in the transition.


Pondering Toward Simplicity

WordPress is more complicated than what I need.  That is one reason why I have been spending so little time here, and so much more on Instagram.  For fun, however, I went back to my old blogger platform, and posted a couple of thoughts…

Go here to see it

I’ve been haunted by a post by Shawn since November 7th.  Plus, I’ve had some other friends mention a variety of frustrations with IG I’ll admit I share.  I have been pondering spending more time writing in 2019.  If I follow through with that, I’ll likely go back to blogger.

Still pondering…

10th Annual Fall Finale 50ish Mile Country Path Ramble

Most folks have made the transition with me from this blog environment to instagram.  In case you haven’t…and are looking for information about this year’s event, it is this Saturday, November 10.

Some folks are planning to arrive Friday night and camp.  Others are arriving by 8am to socialize, gawk at bikes, and eat a taco.  We roll out at 9am.  We have patches to celebrate our epic lollygagging for participants.



If you need details, either DM me on instagram or send me an email.

Summer Bikepacking Strategy


My survival strategy for the Arkansas summer bikepacking adventure came to me in a vision today.

Pedaling out after work into the “feels like 101”, I warmed up (ha!) and commenced several half-load, half-hearted, hill repeats.

Sweat beaded on my skin, burned my eyes, and dripped off my wrists. My heart rate spiked, and I was a little dizzy. But I found a sort of rhythm, and knew I had the answer. In other words, I had a sound strategy for the sweltering summer back-country. In a word…


I saw it clearly in a vision.

Or a hallucination.