Goodbye Google Reader

I’ve have relied on Google Reader for several years to notify me when my blog buddies post new content. Apparently, that is not the way people keep up with updates anymore, but it works great for me. In a way, Reader has been a significant link to many friends I’ve never met, and the tool that made meeting a few possible. Tomorrow it will be gone.

Technology is handy, but unreliable, and I am a reluctant user. I’ve copied my Reader content and have looked into a suitable replacement, but I don’t know what will happen. It is possible that nothing will be found suitable for my retro grouch ways. If that happens, I might lose touch with some folks. But that doesn’t mean that anything has come between us, only that our connection failed.

I’ll see you on the other side…or not. Best wishes either way.

Last Minute S24O


It’s the beautiful peaceful morning that draws me. So even a last minute decision to go, hurried preparations, my latest start ever, and setting up camp in the dark proved worthwhile.



It was my first night in the Hennessy Hammock, and I’m happy to report that the quality of sleep and comfort have taken a giant leap forward. I woke content and ready to greet the sun.


Due to my late arrival to camp, a early morning errand to fetch more water was needed before enjoying breakfast.


Making the beautiful peaceful morning just a little better…


Wearing long sleeves. One of the reasons I made a last minute decision to camp, even being so unprepared, was the weather forecast. Low 60’s in June? Craziness. You’ve got to get out and experience that.


The hammock not only improves sleeping, but camp lounging comfort was also greatly enhanced.


Rolling out of the State Park, rounding the bend…


…and comin’ at ya.



One more stop in town before the last leg home. You have vintage tractors parked in prominent places in your town too, right? This one pulls a sign advertising a local restaurant and is seen in many prominent locations.

For the record, what Grant says is true. An S24O can be thrown together quickly and come out just fine.