5 thoughts on “Ahh…Spring

  1. Judging from your garb, I’d say the weather was kind of cool down your way. It seems to me you’ve been kind of known as the gravel road/barbed wire fence/hobo coffee by the side of the road guy. I don’t know if this is a “new direction” for you or if you’re just revisiting a style of riding from your past; but, I think, this single track/rough stuff/lake side coffee riding fits you quite well! I especially like the scene of you walking the Bantam through the woods and down the dirt bank. Made me wonder if you’d ride it or walk it. LCG won out. Also, you carve that single track like a knife through hot butter!

    • It did start a little chilly, and windy. I think I like riding where cars aren’t present. Rugged roads, and trails that aren’t too tough are perfect. I think often of what you said in Oklahoma about keep moving.

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