Where Am I Now

This morning, me and my neighbor’s cows were gathered at my back fence admiring the sunrise.

This evening, I stood staring at the Atlantic Ocean from a hotel trying to wrap my mind around the culture shock.

It’s pretty, but it ain’t home.

Where To Ride

After my last post, Tex69 left a comment indicating an interest in where some of my photos originate. Because he asked, and because I have blog-friends in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that might be interested, I figured I’d drop in a quick post with a map.

My little house on the prairie is a little north of that little cross-roads labeled “Bolivar”. In fact, you might need to zoom in some to find the crossing roads.

There are no epic climbs, and no screaming twisty descents. There are no ocean views, or mountain top vistas. There is only pasture land, slightly rolling terrain, and quiet county roads. Some are paved, some are not. It might not be everybody’s favorite place to ride a bicycle, but it suits me.

Flexibility Pays

Cruising north on SH 51, something caught my eye. I turned and noticed a double-track path off the highway. I’m sure I’ve seen it before. I’ve traveled this route many times. At first glance it appears to be a private drive. Rolling to a stop, I took a closer look. Maybe it’s a road.
This was not my intended route for the morning, but it warranted investigation.
It seemed longer than a private drive.

Before long, it was apparent that I was riding on a network of very lightly traveled county roads.

I never made it to my original destination, but flexibility allowed me to discover a whole new area of unexplored countryside. Perfect for someone with a good country bike.

I wonder where we might find someone like that…

Nearby, But New

It is odd that I crave new sights and experiences, but seem to ride the same roads repeatedly. One reason, I suppose, is that there really are numerous pleasant routes nearby. However, with a desire to avoid posting the same photos over and over again (no matter how much they might entertain me personally), it seems I’d venture into new areas. In reality, I’ve probably covered almost all routes that are very near my house. Still, there was at least one left out.

I found a nice grass road


More grass road

Wanted to keep waiting for the crash

One fork leading to a pasture

No longer useful, but for us tourists

Another fork leading to a different pasture

Too small for a house or barn

I probably shouldn’t be here

Time to head back home