10th Annual Fall Finale 50ish Mile Country Path Ramble

Most folks have made the transition with me from this blog environment to instagram.  In case you haven’t…and are looking for information about this year’s event, it is this Saturday, November 10.

Some folks are planning to arrive Friday night and camp.  Others are arriving by 8am to socialize, gawk at bikes, and eat a taco.  We roll out at 9am.  We have patches to celebrate our epic lollygagging for participants.



If you need details, either DM me on instagram or send me an email.

11 thoughts on “10th Annual Fall Finale 50ish Mile Country Path Ramble

  1. What is this “Instagram” you talk of? 😉

    Anyways, looks like your IG link in WordPress isn’t working correctly anymore.

    But…would love to see more of this Pondero blog thing!

    • Hmmm…my IG link is working fine for me. I don’t know how to diagnose or cure the problem…and I am not sure how motivated I am to pursue it.

      Regarding the blog, I wouldn’t really have any additional content…just more words…and I can’t tell that anyone really cares about what I say. The VAST majority of feedback I receive is on IG. So that seems to be where I have been focusing my time and attention.

      • Well yah, you’re always going to get more “feedback” on IG, since it’s easy. Instagram is mostly pics with a few words, and everyone “likes” posts almost automatically. It’s really hard to share longer thoughts on IG. That’s why I still have a blog. It’s more work, and the gratification isn’t as instant as Instagram, but I like looking back at a record of my words. The participation level isn’t what it used to be, but it’s still there.

        I still also do flickr, despite the community not being what it was and now there’s the new fees. But flickr is a great repository for photos. It’s not easy to search on Instagram, and it only saves lo-res pics. I like having a place to store my good photos online.

        Saying all that, I do like Instagram for the most part. I’ve discovered a lot of people there that I wouldn’t elsewhere.

        Anyways, I care about what you say, Mr. Pondero. And I’m sure there are others. Keep on blogging!

  2. Chris:

    Would love to get one of the patches if you have any left over. You mention trade in your blog post. Trading for other patches? I have numerous ones from the last century in a box. Never installed so as new. Various rides in Southern California. Solvang Century, Wildflower Century, Lighthouse Century, Cool Breeze Century. If that’s what your thinking, I can photo some of them to send to you. OTH, I’d be willing to pay cash just as easily.


    Doug Peterson

    • I’ve been thinking more along the lines of camp trinkets like straps, or tiny salt/pepper shakers…or maybe a few coffee beans or left over aeropress filters…or a unique cycling cap, or…$5/ea via PayPal could also work. Hey….I know…for you I’ll trade a patch for that cool pair of stem shifters you sent me. So email me your address, and I’ll get one to you.

  3. Hi Chris and Shawn. Just an observation I’ve made for the past year or so: When my phone “dings” in the evening it is almost always an adventurepdx Instagram post that automatically notifies me when it posts. That’s one thing I like about Instagram. IG gives the “follower” the opportunity to see what his fellow Gram-ers are up to in almost real time fashion. It just depends on the time lag between the posting and the following. I agree that looking up my past posts on IG can be somewhat time consuming but I’ve actually deleted some of my IG photos from my phone since I know they are kept in my IG feed. Chris, I usually check IG on Saturday morning just to see what you’re up to.

  4. Also, this Saturday the 10th, I’ll be checking in all day long to see what and how the Ramble folks are doing. May y’all have blue bird skies, soft breezes, fall colors, and great views of the wonderful North Texas prairies as you sip coffee at the brew-up!

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