Tour Rhythm


The bicycle is a ideal adventure vehicle for me. It requires physical activity, it is silent, and it has perfect pace. It seems motor vehicle travel is so fast, I miss too much.  Hiking is so slow, it doesn’t keep up with my curiosity. But the bicycle brings me new sensations just when I am ready for them.


I’ve learned that bicycle tours have a certain rhythm which is different than normal life. It is slower, and has more of an “in the moment” flow. It seems to take me a couple of days to make the adjustment. Once body and mind are in sync with the rhythm of the tour, I experience something blissful that I’ve been unable to communicate to non-bicycle tourists.


I’ve done several tours, and have found this rhythm. But my short tours usually end just at the time I make the adjustment. I feel like a surfer dropping in on a perfect wave, only to have it vanish as I carve the bottom turn.

11 thoughts on “Tour Rhythm

  1. Once again you have said a lot in a few words. I think I understand what you are saying. We slow down only to have to speed up again when we are back amongst the fast.

    Personally I like hiking as I like being able to go even slower! What you say about making the adjustment; perhaps it is similar to when I walk – it takes me 2 miles to get all the rubbish out of my head, two miles to go quiet, and then after that my mind gets creative.

    • Even though the bicycle is my personal favorite, all paces of touring have an appeal. I can certainly understand why hiking would be the perfect pace for some. Thanks for the kind words!

  2. I have missed your posts. Good to see you back. Colin Fletcher has a book , “the Complete Walker” in which he talks about taking some time at the beginning of a long hiking trip to forget about pace, overcome whatever aches and pains accompany walking all day with a heavy pack, and to immerse oneself in the journey. Biking the same, no?

    • Haha…believe it or not, I was riding a ti bike with threadless steerer 13 years ago. I’ll admit, however, it took awhile for me to make the disc brake leap. I still don’t have these brakes dialed in yet, but this bike is FANTASTIC.

  3. Nicely put, Chris. The long distance bicycle tourist always appears to be at ease & casual, and in no hurry. Seems a nice state to achieve.

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