forgiven, beloved
hidden in Christ
made in the image of the giver of life
righteous and holy
reborn and remade
accepted and worthy
this is our new name

(from “I am New” by Jason Gray)

17 thoughts on “About

    • Hey Steve, yes, I hope so. I’m still trying to figure stuff out, and this transition has been almost too much for my brain. I actually attempted to put something on the right hand side of my post page, but it might not be a hyper-link. This probably isn’t the best approach, so I’m trying to make things “nicer” as I figure them out.

      Thanks for the compliment, and the interest. I’ve been wondering about your move to the great PNW…and how your daughter is doing at North Texas. Hoping all is well…

  1. Don’t have your e-mail address and don’t see it on your blog, but wanted to give you an RSVP on the gravel ramble. Especially with the addition of the photo contest, you know I’ll be there.

    -Steve R.

  2. thanks for the enjoyable reading. your coffee photos have me bringing the thermos along on a few rides here in gunnison,colorado. one of my pals was thinking water and a granola bar at the half way on a recent ride. i pulled out the coffee and a couple pieces of pie and all was good in the world. thanks for your blog posts. ar

    • I appreciate the kind words of encouragement. It seems I’ve stumbled upon something that is quite enjoyable, and don’t want others to miss it.

    • In the sense that most methods and approaches were developed to meet some need or preference, I’m not prepared to say what doesn’t work well. I guess they all serve a purpose and perform well for someone. So what works well for me?

      For outdoor coffee, I’m very happy with my Trangia alcohol stove. It’s simple, quiet, small, and light. I usually take a collapsible cone for pour-over brewing because it also is simple, small, and light. This method produces a full, rich coffee that I enjoy. Sometimes, I bring my AeroPress for brewing because I love the coffee it produces. It’s clean and sweet. The AeroPress is more bulky, but if I have space it provides variety.

      For coffee inside, I’ll typically use my AeroPress or Bialetti Moka Express, but sometimes I’ll use a cone.

      If you have specific questions I didn’t address, just let me know.

  3. Hi Pondero,

    I loved the color of your olive green Rivendell. I’m sure it was hard to let go of it but I’m looking forward to see what you put together next. Anyway I am purchasing an Atlantis and would like to paint it the same color. Do you remember the color code, is it Imron 80334?


    • Sorry, Greyson, I purchased my Hilsen used. The prior owner had it repainted, and I do not know the color spec. Like you, however, I always liked that color. The only thing I can tell you is that it was painted at Spectrum Cycles. Oh yeah, Hugh Smitham, in the LA area repainted his Atlantis an olive color also. Have you seen photos of his at various places on the web? If not, I could point you to that (and him), and maybe he could be a better adviser than me.

  4. Hi Pondero,

    Thank you so much for the quick reply and offer to help. I have reached out to Hugh. He does think his bike is Imron 80334. I understand he has since sold his Atlantis as well. Finding the right bicycle seems to be and evolutionary process.

    I also want to thank you for your blog. It is helpful to learn about someone else’s experience as I shift perspectives from riding to ride hard to riding to just have fun. It is a perspective that is considerable out of the mainstream so knowing I’m not the only one helps tremendously.

    Happy Holidays!

    • The Atlantis is a fantastic bike. If mine was one size smaller, I very well might still own it. Thanks for the kind words. Just when I thought greater achievements were the only path to more bicycling enjoyment, life circumstances taught me otherwise. To play is still a great joy.

  5. Well hello then.

    I think we may work in the same building.

    I am a contractor visiting from New England and I have admired your bike each time I’ve seen it (mainly chained up at Boun Giorno).

    I ride an Atlantis but I want an Orange Cheviot with a 7 speed internal hub in the worst way.


    • Hi Mark, I briefly owned an Atlantis (and probably still would if I didn’t go against my better judgment and buy one too large). I think the IGH hub Cheviot would be an excellent choice, and an option I have also considered myself. I am a City employee and visit Buon Giorno 1-2 times per week (almost every Wednesday morning before work). Please drop by and say hello sometime.

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