Pondering Toward Simplicity

WordPress is more complicated than what I need.  That is one reason why I have been spending so little time here, and so much more on Instagram.  For fun, however, I went back to my old blogger platform, and posted a couple of thoughts…

Go here to see it

I’ve been haunted by a post by Shawn since November 7th.  Plus, I’ve had some other friends mention a variety of frustrations with IG I’ll admit I share.  I have been pondering spending more time writing in 2019.  If I follow through with that, I’ll likely go back to blogger.

Still pondering…

12 thoughts on “Pondering Toward Simplicity

  1. Chris:

    I always enjoy reading your posts. The notion that thoughtful blogs may be a vanishing medium is sad. I agree with Shawn’s comments about IG: post a couple of photos & perhaps a comment, and move on. It’s certainly not intended to foster serious discussion. Blogs, on the other hand, strike me as more compelling, since someone has gone to some effort to capture and articulate an idea. Photos are nice but good writing is more interesting. I encourage you to continue your posts.

    • Thanks, Doug. You have been a constant source of encouragement for my blogging. When I think about folks like you out there, along with my desire to improve my writing, I am inspired to renew my efforts for 2019. But based on today’s experiment, I’m almost positive my posts will show up on blogger… http://chris-pondero.blogspot.com/

      Maybe I’ll do one more post here announcing the above change.

  2. Hey Chris! Good to see you back.
    Just wondering what your issues with WP are. I used to do Blogger, but got really annoyed by it, so I switched to WordPress. I mostly like WP, though not excited about the whole Gutenberg “block” editing format. Doubt that I could go back to Blogger now.

    • Thanks, Shawn. I think Blogger is just more intuitive for me. My ease of inserting photos, editing text, and posting just seems simpler. Although it is less flexible regarding customizing the appearance, that doesn’t limit my routine (will it be routine again?) of posting photos and text. Plus, if I understand the current policy correctly, no ads.

  3. I’m always in favor of thoughtful writing. Particularly now, when thoughtful anything is in short supply. Tell me where to find you, and I’ll get there.

    And, FWIW, I really would like to see you continue the short-form (coffee outside) posts on IG.

  4. I kind of like WordPress for following others, it seems like I get better notifications regarding new posts. I’ve missed a lot of the Instagram posts because, it’s just not part of my routine. I look forward to your wisdom in 2019, however you get it out there.

    Happy Holidays,

    • I had missed your post and was saddened when ecovelo died and lovely bicycle quit posting. My kids put Instagram on a new phone I got so knowing you were still alive and kicking ,(or riding and brewing) was good news to me. I like pictures fine but I also enjoy discussion on bikes and the benefits of this change or that. Although there is a lot MTN biking and now gravel grinding here it seems to be mostly racing here in Casper Wy and little general almost every day, 20 miles a pop riding and I enjoy your point of view and take on things. BTW, your talent of the ruggedly handsome rider and the sweet Schwann’s lady who offered ice cream was sure a favorite that probably wouldn’t have been told in the Instragram format.

    • I just added a couple of widgets to the new blog page to help folks subscribe or receive notification of new posts. I’ll be working on refinements to make the page more readable soon.

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