Arkansas, the Sequel


Another good friend, and another trip to Ouachita National Forest in Arkansas. This time Steve Butcher (@graveldoc) and I teamed up with our knobby tire bikes and camping gear for 4 nights and 3 days of riding.

Now that I’ve completed two of these bikepacking trips, I can say that riding bikes off paved roads, and camping, must be what I was made to do (well, at least the way I’ve done it so far). We didn’t cover a lot of miles, but it was a few days of two buddies playing outside with bikes, camp gear, and coffee toys.

My Bantam AdventureBike is a time machine. I was 10 years old again. And when I returned to being a grandfather, I brought my 10 year old optimism back with me.

Here is a 5-6 minute video to illustrate.