I’m Moving

For the foreseeable future, my blog posts will not be here on WordPress.  Instead, they will be here…


I posted some new content today.  If you want to read that, along with what I hope to add in 2019 and beyond, go the the address provided above.  Hopefully, I won’t lose any of my dear friends in the transition.



Pondering Toward Simplicity

WordPress is more complicated than what I need.  That is one reason why I have been spending so little time here, and so much more on Instagram.  For fun, however, I went back to my old blogger platform, and posted a couple of thoughts…

Go here to see it

I’ve been haunted by a post by Shawn since November 7th.  Plus, I’ve had some other friends mention a variety of frustrations with IG I’ll admit I share.  I have been pondering spending more time writing in 2019.  If I follow through with that, I’ll likely go back to blogger.

Still pondering…