Blue Moon’s Lucky Chance


Like all of Mrs. Pondero’s dogs, he’s lucky alright. He was found shivering in a ditch on a cold rainy day. Witnesses say he had been there for hours. He was nearly dead (literally) with Parvovirus. But he was lucky that when Justin Animal Control was called, Mrs. Pondero responded.

It was late in the day when she picked him up, and the usual vet was already gone. She took him to an emergency clinic expecting them to end his suffering. But he was lucky that they offered to treat him for the cost of what they would have charged to put him down. Mrs. Pondero agreed, and, perhaps more than anything, he was lucky that it wasn’t until AFTER she agreed that they told her he couldn’t return to the shelter for at least two weeks. That meant he would be temporarily boarding at my house.

She named him Blue Moon’s Lucky Chance, and that was at least two years ago.

Blue Moon is Mrs. Pondero’s dog I identify with most. Not because he is so lucky, but because when I see him, I am reminded of me. He is easily distracted. When she runs him through agility courses, it is common for him get distracted by other dogs or bystanders, leave the course on a sprint and decide it is time for socializing or rowdy play. He loves affection. He is large for a Pit Bull, but will curl up in your lap in an eye blink. Or he will find you, walk up beside you, and lean against you begging for petting. Finally, he’s not a bright dog. He is oblivious to so many things. A lot of life just passes him right by, but he gets along as best he can.

Me and Blue Moon, the rescue Pit Bull, we have similar limitations and we’re both furry rascals. But most of all, we’re both incredibly lucky that Mrs. Pondero saw something worth redemption in us and allowed us to become a part of her life.

4 thoughts on “Blue Moon’s Lucky Chance

  1. I love this dog! My other blog is called :^)
    I just got in from a little bike ride around the neighborhood with my own pup.

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