Multi-Objective Exploration


Because outings on the bicycle are about more than miles, I didn’t travel far today. The trip took about five and half hours, but I only pedaled about 30 miles. The agenda included (a) exploring some trails I didn’t get to during last last trip here, (b) searching for a new, nearby, free S24O spot, (c) a coffee brew-up, and (d) a test hang of my new Hennessy Hammock. It was, you might say, multi-objective exploration.


My preparatory study of aerial photos paid off.  I found what appears to be an old home site that was abandoned prior to, or as a part of, land acquisition associated with creation of Lake Ray Roberts. What a lovely place for a homestead! With some strategic clearing (which probably was the case at the time) one could enjoy great views and hilltop breezes. Even now, I found it quite satisfactory.


There are plenty of trees allowing for a variety of hammock orientations. There is also alternations of clear and brushy areas that could allow a breezeway or wind block as desired. At least for an hour or so, testing indicates that laying in a hammock is more comfortable than laying on the hard ground. I don’t think I actually fell asleep, but I was definitely relaxed to the point of obliviousness.


The grassy hilltop view of the lake was a perfect brew-up spot…wind protected and sun-warmed on this windy, chilly morning.


Since this place has been abandoned for years, there are a few hazards to avoid. Cactus, and thorny trees or vines, was prolific.


We have a boil!


Is this man smiling because he has coffee, or because he’s smugly hiding any evidence of chocolate-topped donuts? Hard to say…


Hammock view, with brew-up gear just right of center at the shade/sun interface.


The old home site was surrounded by lovely new spring grass. This will bake to brown when summer arrives, but it’ll still be a good place for an overnighter.

109 110

Old foundation beams…


All objectives met, I give myself an “A” on this outing. Now on to planning the S24O…

11 thoughts on “Multi-Objective Exploration

    • I think maybe it has. And I’m thinking that you should win some kind of award for being the person who has asked the most questions about the Kelly Kettle…by far. I know…a Kelly Kettle! Can I get this thing to you somehow before you ride off to the great northwest?

  1. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a hammock S24O set-up (ENO), and when the money is right I think I’ll pull the trigger for sure. Man I really need my schedule to change so I can get up there and S24O with you.

  2. The clearings with the fresh grass look like perfect tent pitches. I’ve spent a good few early mornings brewing a coffee outside my tent and thinking about the people who once farmed the land and most likely looked at the same views in their own time. Doughnuts, coffee, mmmm.

    • They were actually quite nice tent sites. I had plenty of time to ponder the folks who had that land before me, and what their view might have been like with no lake there.

      Oh yeah, you must be talking about “alleged” donuts…I see no evidence of donuts in those photos.

  3. Yep, a good day in the saddle doesn’t always equate with the miles ridden. Looks for a nice place to camp. Curious to hear your report about the hammock.

  4. I love the look of the spring grass. We’re still a month away from any green happening here. There’s a long gap between winter snow (we had 5″ of snow just yesterday) and spring green up.

    I’ve often considered a Hennessy Hammock. With our local geography one can never find a flat spot. And if you do it’s rocky and rooty. Plus we have an abundance of state and national forests. A hammock would make stealth or free camping much easier. But I’m not sure enough about the hammock to spend the $’s. Over the years I’ve accumulated 6 tents/tarps and two bivy’s for backpacking and bike camping. Another shelter isn’t high up on the priority list.

    Good luck with this new spot for an S24O. Looks ideal for privacy and solitude.

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