Waide Road Morning

Returning from a business trip to Orlando last week, I was tired but longing to get out and spin the cranks. I haven’t been down Waide Road for awhile, so it was a gravel road kind of morning. The hills aren’t all that big, but sometimes they can drop fairly abruptly toward the creek.

On this gravel road, there’s not much traffic. It’s sufficiently not-traveled to keep it from being paved and to make use of those old one lane bridges. Zero cars today on my out and back trip.
In preparation for the north Texas summer sun, I purchased a new hat. I can use it when I judge the conditions might not warrant a helmet.

Sometimes the gravel was easy cruising, but sometimes it was loose and deep and it felt like riding on marbles. Today’s ride was not rushed.

Lot’s of wide open spaces.

Plenty of quiet, not traffic riding.

And occasionally, I roll up on something to make me stop for a quick photo. It was as if someone specifically prepared this little garden in the bend for a rare passer-by.
Down near the creek, the trees sometimes provided a nice tunnel effect. With the sun sitting low, I had golden strobe flashes while my tires rolled across the road making that really fine Rice Krispies sort of sound.
One of the reasons this road has so little traffic in the area nearest my house. In other areas, there are just very few folks living there.
Finally, maybe if you listen carefully in the short video, you’ll be able to hear that really fine Rice Krispies sort of sound.

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