More than most, it’s the early Sunday rides that inspire me toward the longer distances. I imagine the entire tour like this. The early morning quiet, the birds singing, and the light breeze are sublime. The roads are empty, except for the occasional friendly farmer. I imagine that I’d be able to happen upon the timely downhill to refresh fatigued legs, or upon the well-placed group of trees to shade the Texas sun. I’d wave at those outdoors also enjoying the day. I imagine it would be like this, just like it was today, and I seek to extend the joy.

Maybe it isn’t all just right. It is likely, I suppose, that the longer tour brings with it less than optimal conditions. Times of fatigue, hunger, frustration, urban noise and congestion, and less than friendly people probably would be encountered. Maybe there are inevitable low points to work through. There would be circumstances, let’s say, that allow the bicycle traveler to achieve a sense of accomplishment.
So, yes, I’m inspired. This morning’s ramble was quite the appetizer. Still, though there might be obstacles to overcome and challenges to face, I’m assuming they would make those Sunday morning like conditions even sweeter. Either way, I’m willing to give it a try.

1 thought on “Inspiration

  1. Yes, I think the allure of touring is tied to both those perfect, idyllic moments and trying to overcome any obstacles you encounter along the way.I also want to ramp up to much longer rides. I'm finding it hard to do here, with the mountains to contend with. But I'll still try.Great post.

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