Yeah…It’s Hot

Weather dot com says 95 degrees, feels like 101 degrees. I went out anyway. Maybe that’s normal riding conditions for some of you desert dwellers, but even as a Texan, I try to schedule my outings in cooler conditions.

Cooler mornings or late evenings are preferred. Sometimes, however, when you have an opportunity, it’s just best to grab it and go.
Didn’t stay out long, took plenty of water, and rolled along rather slowly, but I was out there.
Maybe I’ll go again later today when it’s cooler.

3 thoughts on “Yeah…It’s Hot

  1. Good job getting out there despite the heat. I often have trouble dealing with extreme heat, my body doesn't like it. Regarding your comment on my blog, yes, I will miss the beauty of the mountains here in PA. However, I do relish the thought that to get to country roads I will no longer have to ride up a mountain! It's a tradeoff I can live with. The riding really is excellent in Bloomington, IN … if you look at any of my blog posts before October of last year you can get an idea of some of the scenery there.

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