I have many things to say about this bike. Most of them aren’t build details or first impressions. Instead they are deeply personal, and primarily relate to a “vision” of the perfect bicycle I had back in the early 1970s. The vision was most clear in my mind as I was traveling to Big Bend National Park with my parents. I might post more about that here, or perhaps to certain individuals, in a face-to-face setting, who specifically ask to hear the story.

9 thoughts on “AdventureBike

  1. Chris:
    I would be interested in hearing your thoughts. You’ve obviously given this a great deal of thought, and serious effort, judging by the progression bikes. I submit that a lot of us (not just me) are on the same wavelength, and it would be interesting to share ideas.

    doug peterson

  2. I echo Doug’s thought. Same wavelength. Let’s hear about the journey from the beginning. I’ve had Big Bend National Park on my mind for the past couple of years now. May have the baby fats roll though there.

    You know I love your new rig!

    Warm Regards,


  3. Besides your interest in bikes, cycling, and how this bike performs, your philosophical outlooks are well worth sharing. I’m sure the story has some pearls, some thoughts on life, and the bike will be the medium. Whether the bike is the main topic, or your journey to it is, we will enjoy what you share.

  4. I would also be interested in a description of the build, the progression that brought you to this build and your riding impressions. Jim D Massachusetts

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