Three-and-a-half Minute Coffee


In a brisk late winter morning, I found a lakeside picnic table surrounded by wind-blocking vegetation and bathed in sunshine. Coffee was brewed. An experiment with the (new-to-me) GoPro camera resulted in a time lapse video of the brew-up. A little boring for a variety of reasons, but a genuine learning experience.

2 thoughts on “Three-and-a-half Minute Coffee

  1. Hey, you learned something, right? An experiment that produces a useful lesson is a success. The stop action is a cool effect.

  2. GoPros are a great tool. It’s taken my youngest son a while to learn his setup. He’s experiemnted with chest harness, handle bar mount, and helmet mounted camera. And finally he shows me how he jumps off curbs, kid made dirt mounds and ramps in our backyard, etc. Being a mom, I wish he didn’t show some of these potentially dangerous antics, but still the photography is pretty cool. And now he’s getting into editing. Chris, you’ll figure it out!

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