Thanksgiving Country Cycling


I keep reminding my coworkers, “Now is the time.  Don’t miss it!” And by saying it over and over, I remind myself. Now is the time that summer’s oppressive heat is neutralized. It is the time of fall colors (such as they are around here). Now is the time Texans crave the entire year. It doesn’t last long, and we mustn’t miss it.

So I took the country bike out for some country cycling over the Thanksgiving holiday. I don’t know what else to say about this photo dump except everything was just about perfect, and the images probably speak for themselves. Thankfully, I didn’t miss it.

I wonder if I can squeeze in one more S24O before winter…

IMG_6999 IMG_7003 IMG_7004 IMG_7005 IMG_7007 IMG_7008 IMG_7010 IMG_7012 IMG_7015 IMG_7017 IMG_7019 IMG_7021 IMG_7026 IMG_7042 IMG_7044 IMG_7050 IMG_7052 IMG_7060 IMG_7061 IMG_7062 IMG_7070 IMG_7071 IMG_7072 IMG_7078 IMG_7079 IMG_7083 IMG_7085 IMG_7090 IMG_7116 IMG_7124 IMG_7125

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Country Cycling

  1. Beautiful weather; glad you got out to enjoy it. Look out, though. Colder weather is just now passing through us and headed your way. I don’t think it will last all that long. Maybe you can still get in that S24O

  2. Was this a two stop brew up? Every time I see that dust green saluki I love the color. Makes me anxious to get mine back on the road!

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