Photo Contest Winners

The Sixth Annual Fall Finale Fifty-ish Mile Country Path Ramble included a photo contest. The assigned theme was to capture the spirit of the Ramble, and three categories were available. The categories were bikes, landscape, and people.

Here are the winning entries…


Bikes Category Winner – Steve (graveldoc)  Butcher 

Steve earned spirit points for this well-framed close-up shot showing fat tire, dusty bike, canvas saddlebag, and well-used coffee cup.  Brew-ups are an important part of what the Ramble is all about. He also earned significant points by pandering to the host.


Landscape Category Winner – Eric (Touring Thru Suburbia) Welborn

Eric earned spirit points by using his fish-eye lens and giving a rider-point-of-view perspective of a typical part of the route. He included the gravel road, the Autumn leaves, and the lazy, lollygagging attitude of lagging so far behind the rider ahead.

PeoplePeople Category Winner – Adam Neese

Adam collected major spirit points for this unique perspective showing the weighty drama associated with the rider, cue sheet in hand, at the cross roads. Bonus points were earned for including the chunky gravel, and the excellent bike, saddlebag, and coffee cup in the same image.  On top of all that, Adam’s entry here is of my friend Steve Butcher who came down all the way from Stockton, Missouri to participate in the Ramble.  Since Adam’s submittal does such a nice job of including all categories in one image, Adam is our overall winner.

Congratulations to our winners!  Thank you for participating and sending me so many enjoyable views of the Ramble from your eyes!

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    • @Tim that’s a Nitto F16 front handlebar hook bag supporter. Got it from Ben’s Cycle in Milwaukee. Works great with the little Acorn handlebar bag.

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