Ramble News Brief

creekside 2

Two things…

First, I’ve decided to offer an alternate shorter route for those constrained by time or fitness. It will be about 35 miles, is a very nice scenic route, has no services, and includes the beginning and end of the standard route. It’s basically the original Ramble route familiar to veterans without the “Rosston out and back spur”. You’ll have about 10-12 miles to make a decision on which loop to take. I’ll have printed cue sheets for both routes at the start.

Next, I finally made a decision regarding the prizes for the winners of each of the three categories of the photo contest. I’ll let that remain a surprise for now, but considering how low-budget this affair is, I think most retro-minded cycling folks would be pleased. More details (same as last year) on the photo contest will be posted soon.

Have you blocked out the day (Saturday, November 15) and let me know you are coming yet?

19 thoughts on “Ramble News Brief

  1. In solidarity with your Ramble, the Southern California Rivendell Appreciation Society (or something like that) is doing an S240 to San Mateo SP in San Clemente (on the San Diego / Orange County line). We’ll hoist a few to toast your event. Enjoy!


  2. My name is Val Phelps, I’m friends of Ronnie & Nanette. I’ve done this ride twice & I plan on bringing two friends. Can you email your physical address so I can put it in my car Garmin? I look forward to the ride. Thanks

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    • Val, thanks for coming again and for bringing friends! I sent my address via email on 10/23, and again just now. Hopefully it’ll go through and not get mistaken for junk mail.

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