LPTST – The Luggage


Once able to absorb the inundation of so much bicycle eye candy, I was able to focus in a little more. The next feature to catch my eye was the luggage. There was perhaps an even greater variety of things to carry, and ways to carry them, than the variety of bicycles on which they were loaded.

These photos were taken over the entire two day tour, but most were probably after breakfast on the second day. Everyone eagerly anticipated, and had their luggage sorted, for the mid-day brew-up in Lake City. There were all manner of clothing, stoves, food, kettles, baskets, panniers, picnic baskets, saddlebags, straps, and…yes…even flowers.

To my eye, it was a lovely sort of mish-mash of each individual’s interpretation of outdoor travel gear, functional flair, and purposeful style. It had a certain “hobo elegance” that prompted appreciation and conversation with one’s travel companions.

Maybe as you scroll through these photos you’ll get a few ideas that you can use in the future…like I did.

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