Some Questions…

(Mansfield Dam, downstream end of Lake Travis)

…are difficult to answer.
“Hey, Chris, why did you bring your fixed wheel bike to the hilly part of Austin for the long weekend?”
I have no answer for that.
I grunted and zig-zagged up steep hills that are longer than what I see back home. I almost toppled over in a couple of places.
Persistence powered me to the top…which is a good place to pause and count visible ridges.
Then there was the spinning like a hamster back down to the water level again…

…where I ask myself why I do the things I do.
It’s fun, of course, but I can’t tell you why.

5 thoughts on “Some Questions…

  1. Beautiful! Makes me miss the Austin area. Though we have some good hills around here, not too different from those. Different in other ways. Looks like a fun ride.

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