Back to Drops

The idea of having a bike with a completely different feel, and of sitting more upright is attractive. But in practice, I haven’t been able to find the sweet spot for my hands with the albatross bars. So, it’s back to drops for awhile.
I was pleased to find that all usable drop bar positions are quite comfortable for me on this bike. Even the lowest position, for those headwind stretches, can be used for sustained periods.
Ironically, what was formerly the “Dawdler” is now possibly the “go-fast” bike in my stable. It is significantly lighter than my A. Homer Hilsen and Kogswell P/R due to the lack of fenders, lights, racks, and baggage. It’s fixed wheel gearing is higher than the P/R, and the lighter tires spin up to speed a little faster.
Well, summer is here. Maybe it is time I go find a group ride somewhere and cruise a little speedier than normal.

6 thoughts on “Back to Drops

  1. I've tried other bars on some of my bikes. I find myself liking drop bars more and more each time I make the switch back to them. With tendinitis in both forearms I find drop bars to have the most number of comfortable and usable hand positions.

  2. I'm a drop bar fan, too. I've been trying to dial in the "compact" bars on my new road bike. Made some adjustments that seemed to help a bit but a century ride on Saturday proved otherwise. Little fingers went numb 85 miles in. So now I've narrowed it down. I need full-sized drop bars, none of this compact stuff.I run Nitto Noodles on my LHT … what kind of bars do you have on this bike?

  3. As of now, all three bikes have Nitto Noodle bars. The Kogswell P/R and the Velo Orange Polyvalent have 41 cm, and the A. Homer Hilsen has 44cm.I like these bars alot, but if I were the designer, I think I'd flare the drops a little more.

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