GAP Tour, Part 4


img_5487Lovely morning in Ohiopyle State Park

img_5556Steve descends a steep one

img_5567img_5558Steve and I went into town for breakfast and spend some time at the river


img_5455img_5566Some of the nicest sections of the trail for us was here


img_5535img_5538img_5554Rivers, hills, and trees filled my senses

img_5569The Rambler performed wonderfully


img_5575img_5497img_5552img_5541Steve and Carey with backlight highlights

img_5441View of Meyersdale from our room



Meet-up with John (@cnyriv) and Andy (@anianph79) for dinner

All the orange-y colored wood in the above photo reminds of the time Titus spent out scrambling in the pumpkin patch…


2 thoughts on “GAP Tour, Part 4

  1. It’s so wonderful to recount this adventure with you while reminiscing about my husband’s and my own journey on GAP and CO in 2013. I loved the Meyersdale train depot.

    • Thanks for the note. It’s funny to think about my recent trip of discovery and realize so many others have experienced their own version. Our tire tracks are separated by only inches, but also by the expanse of years.

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