GAP Tour, Part 2

 We could see the trail from our hotel room

Rusty and me at Big Dog Coffee

 Pittsburgh skyline

   Pre-lunch highlights

 Pedaling, conversing, and wondering how long it takes to get out of the big city

Bridge view

Semi-covered bridge 

 Glamour shot of the Rambler while Carey finishes lunch

 Finally escaped the city, serious touring now

 Post-lunch highlights

 Starting dinner in camp

…and sometime after dinner, but before bedtime, is a good time for story time. Which reminds of that time, just before our tour started, when I shared some story time with my grandson, Titus…


2 thoughts on “GAP Tour, Part 2

  1. Story time is awesome, I recall when my daughter was small enough I could read to her like that. She will be 14 in January. I miss story time…Soak it up Gramps.

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