Grass Cluster Coffee


The sky had alternating streaks of lighter and darker gray. It looked like massive, upside down ocean swells rolling from north-to-south on a chilly 20-30mph wind. But the sun’s glare was not in my eyes and it wasn’t 107 degrees, so it was a lovely day.


Brew-ups with a view are better, and water views are as pleasing, and as attention grabbing as campfires. A large grass cluster provides a suitable wind break for the morning’s activities.

IMG_8245 IMG_8247

On the prairie land of north central Texas, a thousand shades of brown against a backdrop of gray sky is a common scene. Beautiful in its own way.

IMG_8252 IMG_8264

Sipping coffee behind so many clusters of tall, brown grass, the ducks are oblivious to my presence until I stand to take a photo.

IMG_8267Mountains and oceans are nice. But brown grass prairie land has a special subtle beauty available to those who seek it.

2 thoughts on “Grass Cluster Coffee

  1. I was thinking last Sunday how drab the landscape was with smudges of brown and an overcast sky. We got snow and ice during the week following. Thanks for the reminder to look for subtle beauty when I need to see it most.

  2. In many ways this time of year can result in some of the most satisfying rides. Even if it is in the 30s, meaning a 30 degree/30 mph wind, to be out and about under the sky after being stuck indoors for a while is such a pleasure. The WY winter this year has been relatively mild, so there have been many good days to alleviate cabin fever. As you pointed out, a little chilly is so much better than 100+. At this time of year it is fun to tinker with the bikes, try out the changes and perhaps retinker again.

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