Barley Bag Repair


My Carradice Barley bag is probably my most used bag. I need more capacity when I’m S24O-ing, but most of my rides are less than 6 hours, don’t involve huge temperature swings, and the Barley seems to fit what I need. I can even get my brew-up gear in there.

The first thing I noticed was that the bag seemed to be swaying more than usual. Eventually, as I was packing for a ride, I realized that the seat post attachment point was almost entirely detached.

Mrs. Pondero to the rescue!

IMG_6680Pink thread because she said that was the strongest quilting thread she had available.

I’m quite pleased to have such a great bag back in service, and fortunate to have somehow persuaded this wonderful woman to marry me 31+ years ago.


14 thoughts on “Barley Bag Repair

  1. The leather to canvas interface seems to be the common failure point on Carradice bags, at least mine. They haven’t broken there, but I’ve had to have straps reattached. I’ve given my local outdoor equipment repair shop a lot of business on that one!

    • It appears the leather and canvas are in pretty good shape. I think the thread was the failure point. Its handy to have an expert in the home to help me with this kind of repair.

  2. Chris,
    It is awesome that 1) you got the bag fixed and 2) that you have someone who knows how to help you. Congrats on the 31 years and wish y’all many more years of bliss.

    Peace 🙂

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