Ramble Weather Obsessing

drivewayThe ice coating is almost gone from the driveway, but today’s rain has added to the general sogginess.  I do have an alternative route.  It is mostly paved, but there are still a few miles of gravel roads.  If you want to ride, be willing to do some de-mud-ifying and walking.  And be willing to ride for an hour or two (or three depending on the final route selection) into a stiff cold wind.

Forecast calls for temps from 38-42 and wind from the north at 19mph.  Hahahahaha.

I know some of you sick freaks love this kind of stuff and will be here, and I’ll be right there with you…unless I decide to pour some coffee and check on the fireplace…




7 thoughts on “Ramble Weather Obsessing

  1. Miss Pearl is looking nice in her new knobbies and fenders, and she’s planning on getting them dirty tomorrow. She’s a bad girl. (Yes, I name my bikes.)

    • Yeah, the distance is bummer. I sure would like to ride with you guys in your world too.

      We did ride today, but opted for paved roads. I scouted some non-paved roads early in the morning and made a no-go decision when I saw the mud. Photos soon.

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