Simplicity Revisited

It’s been a steady (and delightful) diet of rando bike this summer, but I’ve been missing the QB.  It was out of commission due to certain part swaps needed for the MAP build.  Finally, wider tires, new brakes, and new cables were added, and it rolls again.  It is fun to grab a completely different feeling bike simply for the sake of variety.  It’s fundamental.

Simplicity revisited.

6 thoughts on “Simplicity Revisited

  1. Variety and non-homogeneity are sometimes essential, for the overall well-being. Bicycle collections are no exception. Or, so goes my justification for collecting bicycles :)Peace 🙂

  2. It interests me to think the "simple" bike is the most brightly colored whereas the more "sophisticated" is the most understated. I wonder if perhaps this is by design or just the way it turned out.

  3. Uh…my prior comment should have said, "…but is a worthy pursuit."GravelDoc, speaking of understated, I'll admit that almost zero thought went into color for any of my current bikes. They are whatever someone else chose for them.

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