Austin, TX
Shoal Creek Trail
south of W38th St

When traveling for business, the packing process includes rolling a bicycle into the cab behind the front seats. Many times, it doesn’t come out until I get back home. But I put it in there because I hope for better things. Occasionally, like yesterday afternoon, the clouds of circumstances part, the bright sun of opportunity shines, and my hope pays.

7 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Jon, I've got to admit the strangeness is not exactly monotonous. Due to the stress level, I sometimes wish for monotonous. But it sure is strange. Intriguing title for a CD though.Greg, yeah, I wish I would have thought to say that.

  2. Good work being prepared like that. Too often I am unmotivated in the mornings but regret not having my bike by the time I leave for home. I shall take a lesson from your wisdom.

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