New Ride Schedule

Because it is HOT outside, I’m adjusting my schedule to allow for rides at the fringes of the day. Earlier this week, I did my prepare-for-the-next-day chores immediately after arriving home form work. That freed me up to roll out just before sunset. Not much light out, so the photos are a bit fuzzy. But it’ll provide a glimpse of early evening out on the prairie.


last light

brighter moon

night gravel

back at the shop

It was a tolerable 92 degrees when I returned, so this’ll be the mid-week routine. On Saturday’s, the plan will be to get a very early start. Summer afternoons out here on the north Texas prairie are best used for napping.

16 thoughts on “New Ride Schedule

  1. sure is a different problem than we have in this part of the world. Our highs right now are low 60s. It's been a miserable year so far. I think I need to move:) Good on ya for making it work!

  2. It started getting hot earlier than usual here in southwest Mo. Hot for us is in the mid-90's but we've had alot of humidity and some thunderstorms so it's been pretty "muggy" at times. I tried riding in it last Sunday afternoon and just about boiled over. I like the term "fringes" of the day. I really enjoy early morning riding but I've never given night riding a try. I'll have to give it a shot sometime; maybe next full moon.

  3. Night riding, deserves a quiet nightI'm not sure all these people understandIt's not like years ago,The fear of getting caught,Of recklessness and gravelThey cannot see me pedalThese things, they go away,Replaced by everydayNight riding, remembering that nightSeptember's coming soonI'm pining for the moonAnd what if there were twoSide by side in orbitAround the fairest sun?That bright, tight forever drumCould not describe night ridingYou, I thought I knew youYou, I cannot judgeYou, I thought you knew me,This one laughing quietly underneath my breathNight riding(with apologies)

  4. I love night riding, and night photography, and you are doing great at both. Unfortunately I am lightless at the moment — my batteries are going through recall right now. Hope to have them soon, but who knows.

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