The Wild Side

Readers of this blog fully grasp the utter blandness of my comparatively tame outings on the bicycle. I’ve been on record as referring to what I do as civilized adventuring. Some of my most excitable descriptions of being “out there” have been for something I call micro-tours. When the word epic is used in this blog, it is only allowable because of my ability to exaggerate and knowledge that you weren’t there. Not so today.
Today, I took a spin on the wild side.
Today, I joined this fixie hipster for some authentic urban action. I felt somewhat out of place on my multi-geared bike with saddle bag, while she sported the feather-weight fixed wheel in town. My colorful paint seemed silly and conspicuous next to her flat black frame dripping with attitude. You fans of Yehuda Moon, think Sister Sprocket.
We cruised city streets and the Trinity Trails. No longer on my empty gravel county roads, I was a little nervous in the midst of so many people, activity, and noise. Fortunately, she was cool as ice and boosted my confidence. It was amazing to watch what only countless hours of riding in these wild surroundings can bring to one’s skills.
I’ve got to say I think she woke up an aggressive attitude sleeping somewhere deep inside me. Or maybe it was just a powerful pull at my heart strings. Could this be love? She was such a great riding partner, I decided to bring her home. Now she’s my country riding companion.

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