My non-local friends might wonder why there’s no photo with this post. That’s easy, it was raining.

My north Texas area friends might wonder why I was out riding on a day like this. Especially since the forecast for tomorrow looks much nicer than 53 degrees, gusty NE wind, and rain. The answer to that question is a little more involved, but not too far out there. Many who question my decision will surely understand that after 5 days off the bike, the only way to purge a punishing work week is an encounter with the elements. Besides, tomorrow, even with its favorable weather forecast, remains uncertain.
So I pointed my front wheel northward, put my head down, squinted my eyes, pushed the right crank arm down, and glided out of the garage…
After being out there for just a little while, I was reminded that there are a multitude of other reasons why that are much harder to articulate to the non-bicyclist. Why? Well, it’s hard to describe.
Come with me, and I’ll SHOW you.

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