Fall Finale and Friends

It was the First Annual Fall Finale Forty-mile Country Path Ramble. It was a great ride because it was about riding on some of my favorite roads on a gorgeous day. It was special ride to me most of all, because it was about sharing what I consider ideal cycling roads, roads that I normally traverse solo, with friends.

left to right, Steve, me, Myles, Keith, Chandra

What follows are only a few photos of my friends and our surroundings. I think these reasonably represent the experience of the event for me.

To all those who indicated a desire to participate, but could not make it, we missed you. I am hoping that we can do something similar next year…maybe even sooner.
Until next time, happy trails…

6 thoughts on “Fall Finale and Friends

  1. Looks like a beautiful ride, and a fun group. Glad I can follow along in the blog posts. It's interesting to see the variety of bikes and apparel … everyone used whatever made most sense to them, very cool!

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