When the vacation objective is to NOT go anywhere, a winter vacation works well. When the forecast for today called for temperatures near freezing, clouds, and rain. Firewood was gathered off the pile out back and stacked under the covered back porch…in sufficient quantities to keep the fire going all day.

Outside it was somewhat gloomy and cold.

But that made sitting in the big, comfy chair by the fireplace all that much more attractive. Not needing to be anywhere at anytime felt amazingly right. To often we work, buy a house, maintain it, fix it up, and make it pleasant, but for what purpose? The instant we have vacation time, we go somewhere else. Why can’t we enjoy the place we have chosen and sacrificed for? Those maintenance tasks, routine chores, and enhancement projects would all take on a new significance if we had the ability to stay around and enjoy them. Go figure.

So while it was cold and wet outside. It was warm, dry, and cheery inside. Even the furry rascals were relaxed, quiet, and harmonious. With only a few exceptions, it was peaceful.

He still thinks he is a weinie dog, but it didn’t even take ol’ Gus long to figure out how to point his hind end to the warmest spot in the room.

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