Green Bike First Ride

Nothing fell off.

Everything generally worked. The bottom bracket is approaching the lower limits of acceptability. I might need slightly narrower pedals to give more cornering clearance. The rear tire isn’t perfectly seated, so it had a little “hop” with every revolution. It really wasn’t even noticable on the rougher pavement, but it is going get some attention just the same. The 48×17 (73 gear inches) gearing is too high for me. All was good (except the steepest climbs) with the morning 20mph tailwind, but all was not so good during the afternoon ride home into the same 20mph wind. Some days one needs to be able to ride 20+ miles into a strong wind.

On the positive side, the fit is good and ride is quite comfortable. The bike was solid, simple, and silent, just like a fixed gear bike is supposed to be.

Here are a couple of views from this morning.

It was a great day for a bike ride.


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