Midsummer S24O


In north central Texas where I live, summer overnighters are much tougher than those in winter. But they must not be left undone.  Here’s a summary of this one…

  • Blazing hot departure
  • Arrival after sundown soaked in sweat
  • Some kind of cattle operation at a nearby ranch resulted in bellowing cows until late in the dark, moonless night
  • A grey, windless morning
  • Trailside breakfast and a hilltop view
  • Would it rain? Yes.
  • Clouds and light rain kept the heat away…yay!
  • Sleep was lacking, but it was SO worth it
  • Another micro-tour success

5 thoughts on “Midsummer S24O

    • Oh, I ride the Rambler plenty. It just seems my overnighters have been on the Bantam lately. I’ve been trying to practice for more rugged conditions. I should probably plan an overnighter at the lake and take the Rambler.

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