Sunrise Prairie Coffee


This is in contrast with last evening. Then, I was dining at a picnic table at the State Park, and oh, the noise. It was a confusing mix of boat motors, overlapping music sources, conversation, and the happy screams of children at the swimming beach. It was a summer weekend at the lake, filled with crowds. It was happy noise, but not the more subtle and natural sounds I had in mind when I left the house.

This morning was completely different. It was the sounds of the summer breeze, the birds, rustling grass, and cows on the hills.

Apparently, places that energize some folks, make me weary. Places that others find boring are, for me, like being plugged into that which powers the universe.

3 thoughts on “Sunrise Prairie Coffee

  1. It’s the overlapping music that drives me nuts.
    Eventually, the motors become pink noise. As I get older, the kids have become white noise.

    I read something recently that bemoaned tedious roads that are flat and straight through unpopulated, tilled fields and thought to myself, “that sounds nice”.

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