Down the Rabbit Hole


Sometimes my otherwise completely normal and healthy lifestyle of cycling, camping, and coffee intersects with Mrs. Pondero’s bizarre world of dog agility. I enjoy those outings with her. It is an opportunity to spend time with her, to learn a little more about her interests, and to support her. Finally, and most importantly, it is an opportunity to establish (refresh?) conclusively which of our loving twosome has the strongest hold on sanity.

Dog agility people have their own bizarre culture. They have special clothes, vocabulary, and buy all manner of obscure gear for their dog-related activities. It seems they make up any kind of excuse to get together and do things with their dogs. Some of these activities include running through complicated courses, and they have a wide variety of intricate rules for doing so. They talk endlessly about things that happened at their last gathering, and where they plan to take their dogs next. Although I get the idea that some of them are “unusually focused” on this activity, it is fascinating to watch these wonderfully warm people enjoy their rituals.

But I always bring a bicycle along. It is a security beacon that helps keep me on firm footing. It is a lifeline that helps me return back to a sane world.

“Sure, I’ll be happy to provide logistics support for your agility trial…but first coffee.”

9 thoughts on “Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. I’ve never been to such an event but the notion of a culture with its own clothes, vocabulary and gear seems oddly familiar, as if I’ve been there before. Have to think on where that may have been.

  2. Last year I convinced my wife that she wanted a bicycle for her birthday. I don’t think she has regretted it at all. After that she convinced me that I wanted to convert our now evacuated son’s bedroom into a shared art studio. I have not regretted that at all. The more time we spend together doing things for pleasure not only makes me appreciate her companionship but also has me wondering why we waited so long. Thanks for the post. It reminds me that mixing coffee and our terrier, Ollie, would be a crazy thing to do.

    • After being married awhile, it is great to find ways for each one to enjoy what they love…and do it together. It brings a kind of joy unanticipated in my youth. There are some benefits of age.

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