stoveOf the many things to admire about the Trangia stove, I have a clear favorite. The stove is a reliable soldier, and it’s admirable qualities are perfectly harmonious with trips afield. It is durable, simply made, simple to operate, relatively light, uses easily obtained fuel, and is silent in use. There is, however, a slight whisper of a sound when it is ignited. It is a sound that might be missed in urban settings. But in the kind of quiet places that outdoor enthusiasts seek, the gentle kiss of flame with fuel vapor makes a “wumpht” that sounds happy and eager for the work ahead. It delights me without fail.

5 thoughts on “Wumpht

  1. Yep … totally agree … however, my wife and I have converted to disposable gas canisters to fuel our Trangia on multi week pannier touring adventures … but for the purpose of having coffee on a half day pleasure cruise, liquid fueled Trangianeuring is still our choice.
    BTW, what sort of kettle is that and what sort of stove stand?

    • The kettle is a GSI Halulite. The stand is what came with my stove when I purchased it from Rivendell a few years back. It is part of the Trangia WestWind stove package.

  2. Well said. I love all my various stoves (alcohol, gas canister, esbit, wood and white gas) but the trangia is my favorite…..but they don’t like wind.

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