5 thoughts on “GAP Tour, Part 5

    • Thanks!

      As I recall, I dropped it at Amtrak around noon on a Wednesday, it arrived in Chicago and changed trains on Thursday, and arrived around mid-afternoon on Friday.

      The only things I removed were the basket and pedals. I rotated the stem roughly 90 degrees, and and rotated the bars grips down. I zip-tied a few pieces of cardboard to strategic places on the frame, and I zip-tied the bars to the top tube to keep the front fort from turning. Then I rolled it into the box. I used this same approach for my Hilsen when we did the C&O Trail last year. So four times across the country on a train with good results.

      • Did you store those removed parts in the box? Did you store anything else in the box? Wondering if I can leave my Saddleback on the rear rack?

      • I sort of recall that Amtrak warns that the box is to include “bicycle” only…which I interpreted to mean (a) keep the weight reasonable, and (b) don’t allow stuff to flop around and cause damage. So I packed my basket with my suitcase (since it is a boxy shape that doesn’t take up much effective space) that I carried with me on the airplane, and I strapped my pedals to my front rack to keep them from flopping around. That’s just the way I handled it.

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