It’s not too early…

cross leg

…to mark your calendar for the Eighth Annual Fall Finale Fifty-ish Mile Country Path Ramble.

That is what I was thinking as I sat there, striking a pose, and pondering the delightfulness of the shorter 35 mile loop option I rode yesterday.


Yes, it is still early September. It still looks like summer out there. But it was in the low 70s when I started out. Wow. It isn’t too early to plan.


Saturday, November 12

…on your calendar now.


10 thoughts on “It’s not too early…

  1. Chris did you ride the Erie Canal Trail or the C&O canal trail awhile back? It seems I remember reading something on RBW list. If so, which direction? Did you use Amtrak to shuttle back?

    • We rode the C&O from DC to near Cumberland, MD. We actually started from my daughter’s apartment in Silver Spring, MD, rode into DC to meet up with several RBWers, and were picked up by my the wife/daughter support crew and brought back to Silver Spring.

      We have a similar plan this year (October 9-13) for our GAP tour. We’ll use a one-way van rental to get up to Pittsburgh on Sunday, ride back toward Cumberland, MD Monday-Thursday (mid-day), and be shuttled back to Silver Spring by the wife/daughter support crew on Thursday afternoon/evening.

      What is your plan? Any chance we might cross paths?

    • Not hiatus exactly. However, I have been out recently for a few days touring the GAP trail (future blog post on that upcoming). A lot of my day-to-day bicycle outings are documented more briefly on Instagram.

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