For Sale: A. Homer Hilsen


I didn’t expect this day.

I thought I’d have this bike until I couldn’t pedal anymore.  It seems I accidentally keep re-building the same bike. Some of you know what I’m talking about. So it is time to rid myself of redundancy and build a completely different bike. More about that later.

I’ve decided to sacrifice the Hilsen to help fund the new project. I’d prefer to sell it as a complete bike (Carradice bag, Klean Kanteen, and tool roll not included) for $1800 shipped CONUS, but am willing to discuss frameset or partial builds if you wish.  I’ve got drop bars and some aero levers if you prefer that arrangement. It is a handsome, smooth ride, and it will make you smile.  Frame size 56.


16 thoughts on “For Sale: A. Homer Hilsen

  1. Someone is going to get a great bike experienced at adventure in this one, I’m a bit sad as your Homer served as the inspiration for my Saluki’s current instantiation but I’m excited to see where you head next and maybe some day in the future your example will help me pass along the Saluki to another happy rider… Good luck with the sale!

  2. Gah! Not my size, and I don’t have the money. On the other hand, I haven’t been riding enough to justify it anyway.

  3. Whatever you have in mind to replace Homer must be pretty interesting. I encourage Mrs. Pondero to follow thru on the puppy idea.

    • The A. Homer Hilsen was sold to a young lady in San Jose, CA. She seems to be taking good care of it, and has already taken it out for an overnight camping trip. A good home was found.

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