Making Perfect


It’s that warmer time of year when I like to pack up my coffee kit, and head to the lake…


…so I can lounge in my hammock and brew fresh coffee. I enjoy the cool breeze,…


…and notice things. This kind of time allows me a certain…


…perspective on things not readily available in work week urgencies. So I spend a morning in a balance of active and inactive lollygagging, made perfect…


…by the bicycle.

7 thoughts on “Making Perfect

    • Thanks, Tony. It’s been rather soggy down here this spring, and some folks are suffering with major flooding woes. But we’ve been fortunate in that our biggest challenge is the waist high grass that we can’t get to mowing because the ground is too soft.

  1. Reminds me of a quote by Jacquie Phelan in a video: “Every hour on the bike is an hour in perfect balance.”

    • I basically have three options (methods) that I use based on whim. They are pour-over (usually Soto Helix), AeroPress, and Bialetti Moka Express. I heat water using a Trangia alcohol stove. If I am planning a larger volume, I use my GSI halulite kettle. For smaller volumes, I’ll use one of my Association of Caffeinated Wheelmen enamel mugs as a pot. For sipping, I’ve got a variety of enamel mugs, and I sometimes use one my insulated Klean Kanteens. In addition to these basics, I have a few appurtenances that I like to bring along and use to make the experience more pleasant for me. If you want more details on those items, just let me know. Hopefully, this addresses your question.

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