Coffee Quest


It was a lovely spring day in north Texas. Wildflowers were blooming, the sun was shining, and the Rambler was looking handsome. But there was a worrisome question that nagged us.


Would three intrepid adventurers be able to travel roads they had never seen, and still find a suitable spot for a roadside coffee brew-up?  It would certainly take some rambling, some searching for shade, and some evaluation of alternatives seen along the way against future possibilities unknown. Would these three be up to the challenge? A troubling question indeed!


After a few miles of tires crunching gravel, grins and chuckles, and coffee kits rattling as we bounced through pot holes, a delightful spot was discovered. It was a roadside protected from both sun and wind, on a hilltop, and overlooking rolling pasture land. Bicycles, coffee kits, and rambleneurs sprawled in the road for some luxurious lollygagging. How suitable was it?


Good fresh coffee, great company, and not a single vehicle passed by to mar the silence.


(Rambleneuring over randonneuring, because deadlines are too much like work.)

2 thoughts on “Coffee Quest

  1. I love to read about your adventures! Thanks again for allowing me to experience the adventures through your eyes .

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