Rest of the Story


As Mrs. Pondero frequently (but respectfully) points out, I sometimes leave out the most important (and interesting) details in my stories. Such is the case from my previous post describing my fantastic outing to the LBJ National Grasslands.

I mentioned that she came to have lunch with me. I mentioned that I loaded up my bike into our pick-up and rode home with her. But I left out (as I often do) the most important (and interesting) detail of the entire event.

When she arrived in Greenwood, and stepped out of the truck, she quipped, “My pitbull rides shotgun…” and then added after a perfectly timed pause, “…on a Little Mermaid fleece blanket.”

The subject pitbull is the one from which her honey brand, Blue Dog Bee Ranch, derives its name. So now you know the rest of the story.

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