‘Bout Perfect



The last weekend in January turned out nice. It was fiercely (in my face) windy on the way out. Waide Road was recently “maintained” with a thick, new, uncompacted, chunky gravel layer. It was pretty slow going. But it was perfect because I was able to get an early start, and the last thing I wanted to do was be in a hurry. I couldn’t have hurried if I tried.


After arriving in the Grasslands, I rode abound a bit to scout a suitable camping spot. A small grove of trees at the beginning of a drop-off was found. The trees provided satisfactory hammock support, and strategic placement of my tarp helped calm the air a bit more for cooking the evening meal. It seemed ’bout perfect.


After finishing the camp set-up chores I wanted to accomplish before darkness, it was time to take a walk and enjoy the late afternoon golden light. That light looked just right.


I considered building a fire, but with that wind it didn’t seem like a good idea.

Sitting on the hammock soon turned to lounging on the hammock. Watching the limbs and leaves move in the breezed soon turned to watching more and more stars appear as sky faded to black. The effort of the ride out to the Grasslands, coupled with my drive home from Austin in the early morning, caught up with me. The extreme comfort of my hammock had me dozing early.

Somewhere around midnight, a bright moon appeared and I awoke. Comfortable and content, I lay there thinking the wind had eased a little. When I woke briefly later in the night, it was dead calm.


I woke up around 6:30 as the southeast horizon was turning light. Back in my tent (sleeping on the ground) days, I would have gotten up immediately to relieve my back. But with my hammock, I just lounged comfortably for an hour or so watching the sunrise. It was the pinnacle of luxury. You might say it was ’bout perfect. I know I did.


My little hammock grove was rather shady, but a short walk up to an open area level ground allowed breakfast preparation in the warmth of the morning sun. I drank part of my coffee here, then took my thermos and mug with me for a short morning walk.


After returning to camp, I did a little more lounging. The light was so nice (perfect, really), I took a few more photos…just for fun.


As I packed up to leave, I could see out of my grove and across the open grassland. A bunch of Boy Scouts headed by on a morning hike.


Then it was time for a short ride to look around before departing for Greenwood.


The plan was to meet up with Mrs. Pondero in Greenwood for lunch. The wind wasn’t as strong as the prior day, but I still had a nice tailwind to town. It was so perfect, I can’t remember pedaling


We arrived around noon, ordered our food “to go”, and walked across the street to the park down by the creek. This was an unusually nice weekend even for north central Texas, and we enjoyed our lunch outside in the park.


Instead of pedaling home, I loaded up the bike in the back of the pick-up, and rode home with Mrs. Pondero. Why not? It was already ’bout perfect.

20 thoughts on “‘Bout Perfect

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  2. Chris, what a nice escape – one I could use ’bout now! Was your trip a one-nighter? The Homer looks perfectly set up. How do you like the small Berthoud panniers? Thanks for the inspiring report!
    ~ Richard

    • All that awesomeness in roughly 24 hours. I’m extremely pleased with the Hilsen. It seems to handle these kinds of trips just the way I like. I was a little miffed at the wind a few times, but not about carrying my creature comforts. The panniers work very well for me in combination with my other gear. I suppose one would need to consider sizing if using a different combination of luggage.

  3. Love your narration! I just bought a camp hammock setup myself, can’t wait to get out and try it. I think I’ll start by experimenting in the back yard once it gets warm enough here in IA. Try to find my comfort zone for various temperatures once we hit upper 40s and 50s overnight. Cheers!

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