New Personal Best


It was a sunny day with a temperature in the high 50s, and a 20 mph wind from the south. The golden brown grasses rolled like ocean waves over the range land. I chose an east/west gravel route, carefully selected one of my performance bicycles, and was able to achieve a new personal best.


I was able to spend almost two hours covering my ten-mile route. It was quite pleasant, and my senses were completely saturated.

I thought I’d be able to work in a few more minutes for this route, but I was probably distracted by a temporary tailwind or something. All things considered, I’m reasonably satisfied with my performance. It’s something to build on.


2 thoughts on “New Personal Best

  1. I enjoyed this post a lot. A few days ago I went for a ride at a mellow 35 degrees or so a 20 mph wind and a route that was pretty much free of ice and snow, which hasn’t been true for a month or so. The 15 miles or so was such a treat. After only riding a few miles to work and back for weeks, to be under under blue sky with crisp pure air, on my favorite bike and as much time as I would like, this is the life.

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