Yesterday, I posted the above image to Instagram with the caption, “Saunter – walk in a slow, relaxed manner, without hurry or effort.” Then I asked, “So what is the cycling equivalent?” After a while, Mark (Azorch and Early Morning Cyclist) responded, “Amble”.

That seemed appropriate.


Today, I went out into a cool, crisp, cloudless, and windless day.


I rode through a couple of parks in Sanger, Texas…


…and had coffee outside.


It seems there is always a gravel road on the route somewhere along the way.

And while I was enjoying a perfect Texas winter day…in a relaxed manner, I thought it amusing that…


…right there between the Rs, I had my answer all along.

5 thoughts on “R_amble_r

  1. “I had my answer all along”
    Funny how often that happens when you look at something from a slightly different angle. I also think of rambling as generally exploring an area without specific goals or time constraints. Just poking around to see what’s there.

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