Short Ride, Long Value


As described a few days ago, short rides are key to my 2016 goals.

There have been a couple days already this year where this approach has been put into practice. I didn’t have much time/daylight/energy left at the end of the work day. But I did have 15 minutes.

I learned that if I use the 15 minutes I have for the bike, I can get at least 30 minutes of value from it. If you have not learned this profound truth yet, I suggest you do so.

8 thoughts on “Short Ride, Long Value

  1. Agree all the way. A few minutes on the bike each day keep you motivated and energized. Too much leaves you drained. I’m finally learning to moderate bike time and enjoy the benefits more.

    • Exactly. I still enjoy those several-hour outings, but without commuting, I need to purposely establish a routine that includes many few-minute outings also to get the sanity benefits I seek.

  2. Excellent, and an approach I’m going to take myself, once winter is over (doesn’t work in winter, because it takes that long just to get ready to ride). Until then, I’ll have to content myself with slightly longer rides.

    • Haha…even here I think about time to get ready. Me – “I’d like to out and ride, but I don’t want to pull on a sweater and find my gloves.” Pathetic.

  3. Ha! I like your Ergons with the Albas. I have a Moustache bar on my Surly and route a bar end shifter under some ancient rubber drop bar covers, but have an extry set of Ergons and may use them. I currently have some on my Brompton and I do like ’em. Even though i am only riding 3.5 miles a day to work on studded snows a little bike ride is so much better than no ride at all.

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